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Pinnacle Accountancy Group, LLC BBB Business Review

Pinnacle Accountancy Group, LLC BBB Business Review


Pinnacle Accountancy Group of Utah (Pinnacle) provides a wide range of services to individuals and businesses in a variety of industries.  

  • Our audit clients include private companies in various U.S. states and in Canada, subsidized housing entities, and not-for-profit organizations.  
  • Our tax services focus on real estate development, high-tech and manufacturing concerns, as well as individuals in all tax brackets, corporations, partnerships, estates and trusts, and their owners and beneficiaries.  
  • Our income tax advisory experience also includes specialized areas such as preserving Net Operating Loss carryforwards, consolidations, and procuring Research and Development tax credits.  
  • Our SEC consulting and advisory services are designed to provide a quality experience and to also create value.  We consult with entities and their Boards in the areas of SEC audit preparation, corporate governance policies and procedures, internal control systems, and accounting policy best practices.  
  • Our Specialized Tax Areas include start-up and emerging growth companies that routinely incur net operating losses and spend large amounts of money on Research and Development. These companies typically need to utilize creative funding techniques such as issuing stock options and warrants, preferred stock, or convertible debt, all of which may limit a company’s ability to utilize those loss carryforwards in profitable years. We work with companies to strategically time their funding activities in a way that may minimize the impact of those limitations imposed by the Internal Revenue Code.  

We have also studied the potential impacts of the proposed tax rate increases and loss of deductions for 2013, as well as the possible consequences to our clients should federal debt ceiling uncertainties linger.

Expertise Enabled By Experience

Our partners have a combined twenty plus years of “Big Four” and national firm experience working with High-Tech and manufacturing concerns, public companies, and non-profit entities.  That experience is augmented by an additional forty years of combined partner experience in similar areas including affordable housing and low-income housing tax credits.  

In addition to relevant partner experience, Pinnacle also has “Big Four” and national audit firm experience, bring with them years of experience working in the tax and audit departments of the firm.

An Ongoing Commitment To You

We are committed to obtaining the education and experience that enables us to provide the services we offer.  Our service offerings, however, mean nothing to you if we don’t know exactly what you need.  That’s why we have developed a “needs only” approach that involves a thorough interview process and needs assessment. You don’t pay for anything you don’t need and don’t pay more than the value of the services provided.